Industrial Marketing Testimonial: Seaman Corporation


Seaman Corporation has been partnering with SyncShow for about three years now. We were evaluating different website firms that we’d like to utilize, specifically to establish an inbound lead generation strategy. We evaluated five firms, and SyncShow was a great fit for us.

Before on our old websites, we didn’t have anything too active and we weren’t really able to capture our data and track our information. This website, though, for us, has just expanded beyond what we thought we were going to see. We are not only just hitting our sales numbers that we’re establishing, we’re actually beating them significantly, so we’ve been very happy with the results in the data that we’ve seen.

SyncShow is extremely responsive, which was definitely something we were looking for when we were trying to find what agency we wanted to work with. We have weekly calls and they always seem to be really on track with what we’re working on, so our teams are very aligned. So we use them for our inbound services for lead generation for our websites, so that includes social media, that includes email, obviously lead generation and content strategy for the website, and then also blogging and content management.

As we continue to challenge ourselves to grow both domestically and internationally, SyncShow’s been a great partner for us in helping us tackle some of those challenges that we’ve had and come up with solutions for us that will really help both sustain and grow the business.


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