Industrial Marketing Testimonial: Joslyn Manufacturing


Currently, we are 105,000 square feet. We have 12 forming machines that range in capability and size. We decided to go with SyncShow because we were sold on the sophistication. The SaleSync meeting was something we were a bit nervous about going into, but it really was very organized from start to finish. It was not a very long time commitment. It was not "yeah we can look at this, yeah we can think about this". There was a plan set in place from the very beginning. What followed up was the WebSync side, and this really kind of enlightens you to here is the digital presence that you should try to get out there for people.

We had as most typical manufacturers, gotten to a point where we had ignored our digital presence. We really didn't realize the gravity of a digital presence. We had a website that was a decade old. We were not getting any leads directly from the website. I think the biggest thing for us is the traffic we are starting to see via the web.

Honestly, at the very beginning of this, I was very skeptical. I, being more of a traditional type of person, thought who is really going to pay attention to this. Content is a huge thing that we previously never had to worry about. SyncShow helped us write with content and publish an article that we had put out there on our website for download. Within a 5 day period, we saw just a tremendous amount of interest in this to the point where we had over two dozen leads as a result of what we had published with the help of SyncShow.

With all of these things being new to me, it was nice to have the information that SyncShow could provide to come back and say this is what we are seeing and this is what you should be focused on, and here is how we are going to get there.


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