Industrial Marketing Testimonial Video: TPC Wire & Cable Corp.


TPC is a supplier of electrical wires, cables, connectors and accessories used in harsh industrial environments. The deciding factor in moving forward with SyncShow was an initial engagement called SaleSync. So, it was a first time engagement or partnership with SyncShow It was a month-long process that kicked off with a single day workshop, and it was the opportunity for us to get very concrete-the TPC team and the SyncShow team about TPC objectives and TPC’s strategies for growth.

The most exciting thing for me, as a marketing manager, with this new partnership with SyncShow is that our plan is actually rooted in data and analytics. Proving how our efforts and the plan is going to drive ROI. I have very clear data that we pause and reflect on a quarterly basis. Share that data with leadership, asses the efforts, what's working, what could be tweaked to improve, and we are really with SyncShow’s assistance, we’re able to allow the data to inform our next move.

It is a concern when you are launching a new partnership that involves a really robust plan and a really great team like you have at SyncShow. That can be daunting to a marketing team, and SyncShow has been a great partner in simplifying, bringing clarity and managing the execution so that we are not overwhelmed. SyncShow really helped illuminate for us, the impact. In my opinion, SyncShow sets the bar as far as agency relationships go. I really don't view SyncShow as necessarily a vendor or a contractor. My experience is that the team at SyncShow is truly a partnership. I would recommend this partnership to other colleagues, marketing managers, and marketing teams in the industrial space.


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