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Hi, I’m Kevin Long. I’m with the law firm of Chang, Ruthenberg & Long, with offices in Sacramento, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. And when we opened our office here in Silicon Valley a couple of years ago, I, as the marketing partner for the firm, knew that we needed something to help us penetrate this market effectively that conveyed our brand and actually supported us in our marketing efforts period.

We needed something more than just a website. I found SyncShow, an agency located in Cleveland that’s a HubSpot Platinum Partner. And at the time I had no idea what a HubSpot Platinum Partner was, but I did know that I wanted something more than an online brochure, and I knew that I needed someone that could bring to the table design, creativity and support, and to my surprise, a real focus on ROI.

I needed a website that was going to serve our needs in a B2B outreach to find more business. Their people are great, the technology outstanding, and I have never met a better group of project managers in my life of any service provider we’ve hired. Our website was delivered on time, on budget, the architecture’s wonderful, it’s navigable, and they did a great job of taking the work that we’ve done on the branding for our firm and weaving it into our web presence.

It’s a website that we get a lot of praise for, even from law firm marketing types, the ones that we didn’t hire. So if you’re really focused on having your website do something for you, do something for your marketing department and actually bring you more sales through more leads and more contacts, talk to SyncShow.


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