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What initiatives are provided to a client in a Branding package?

See this list of "products" SyncShow provides to clients who need branding solutions.

Branding Initiatives

  • Brand Compass -> Emotional and logical connection between you (the brand) and your customers. Think about it as how you take your value proposition from "who you are" and turn it into how that matters to your customers
  • Who you are deliverables? -> Is your value proposition, who you are as a company, and  what you do for your customers. Is supported by better defining "who you are and, who you are not".
  • StoryBrand - Donald Miller developed a methodology for transforming your value proposition into general messaging that allows you to easily and effectively communicate your value to your customers by putting them forward as the hero.
  • Competitive value prop -> looks at you and your top 3 competitors to figure out how you can differentiate, the services and products you provide, and how you are communicating with each other.
  • SEO Competitive Analysis -> generally a part of SEO audits or SaleSync; compares your keyword rankings vs. competitors

Additional notes:
- BrandSync- Who You are alignment, Brand Compass, and Storybrand
- Value Prop development - Who You Are Alignment and Brand CompassOnboarding Projects
- Diagnostic and Roadmap - Best for people with existing marketing, but analyzes their maturity as it relates to the great 8 marketing pillars, and creates a Roadmap and recommendations for you to operationally be set up to achieve ROI Driven marketing. D&Rs are often followed up with a SaleSync if we find they do not have a marketing strategy in place that we buy into.
- SaleSync - Development of your 12-month marketing strategy including, persona development, ICP, Goals,  SEO needs, Marketing Tactics, and Deliverables

Order can vary depending on the availability of clients but the ideal would be:

- Competitor Value Prop/SEO Competitor
- BrandSync Workshop
- WebSync Workshop
- SaleSync Workshop
- BrandSync Deliverables
- WebSync and SaleSync deliverables
- Retainer

Refer to this proposal for Supply Technologies, LLC for additional information: