What is the WebSync process?

Read through the article/doc to understand each part of the complete process to build a WebSync for your client (inclusive of links).

Here is a list of the sub-headings and links included in the document. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS DOCUMENT.  Please see Ashlee Brolly for questions.

WEBSYNC PROCESS (updated January 2024)

WebSync Session Preparation

Example Presentations (NNC, VW, ATD)

WebSync Session

Walkthrough: Kickoff, SS Website Philosophy, Goals & Objectives, Defining Your Website Audience, Review of Current State & Future-State Sitemap, Review of Functionality + Design + Layout Needs, Website Process Overview, Questions & Closing

WebSync Final Deliverables: Final Deliverable Deck (link available to copy), Review of SS Website Philosophy, Goals & Objectives, Recommended Sitemap, Page Layout & Requirements, Additional Website Considerations, Project Timeline, Next Steps, Appendix includes: current website review, SEO review

Website Cost Estimate

Website Statement of Work Templates (with links for HubSpot & WordPress)

Website Sitemap Sign-Off Document (with link to template)