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Demystifying SEO

Are you struggling to get found online? 

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Have you ever talked to a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist? If so, you probably felt like they were speaking a foreign language. In fact, you may have heard them say things like robots.txt files, XML sitemaps, backlinks and strike zone keywords, which left you with your head spinning.  

If you’re like many CEOs, CMOs or VPs of sales and spend most of your time on the strategic direction of sales and marketing, understanding SEO and how it is an essential element of a digital marketing strategy can be frustrating.

Join Jen Garvin, senior SEO strategist at SyncShow, along with Cassie Simoniello, SEO specialist and Jasz Joseph, account coordinator, as they demystify SEO and help solve confusion and frustration, as well as share key tactics for getting started with SEO.

By the end of the webinar, you will learn:

  • Why SEO is a critical component in driving more traffic and qualified leads to your website
  • How to align SEO with your business goals

Our Speakers:


 Jen Garvin, senior SEO strategist 

 Jen is a senior SEO strategist at SyncShow with 8 years of       experience with various B2B digital marketing strategy, including social media, content development and search engine optimization.



Cassie Simoniello, SEO specialist

Cassie is the search engine optimization specialist at SyncShow. Cassie develops and oversees SEO campaigns and strategies as well as monitors client’s overall presence within popular search engines. 



Jasz Rae Joseph, account coordinator

Jasz is an account coordinator at SyncShow. She works with the account managers, implementation, and SEO teams to ensure flawless strategic work is being executed on behalf of our clients.



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