COVID-19 Effect on the Professional Services Industry

Data Metrics in an Uncertain Time: Professional Services Sector

People and prospects are changing the way they do business during the COVID-19 crisis. B2B professional service organizations have been seeing a drastic change in online interactions within their websites. With client budgets and priorities changing during this pandemic, many of those in the professional service industry have been changing their online messaging to match user behavior. However, without knowing the larger picture of industry-wide metrics, it’s hard to know where digital usage is heading. To help the professional services industry get a better understanding of how website usage has changed during these times, we’ve compiled aggregate data from multiple real-world B2B professional services websites to provide real-time insight.

The goal of the real-time, industry-aggregated data we’re providing here is to identify on-site trends in an uncertain time surrounding the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. It’s your inside look into how the other, real-life websites in your industry are doing. We encourage you to use it to compare your own website metrics and see if you’re following trends or falling behind amongst your sector peers. If you need help in identifying where you stand amongst this peer-set, reach out and let us know, we’re here to help.



Real-Time Effects of COVID-19 on Website Data From Professional Services Websites


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