COVID-19 Effect on the Transportation & Logistics Industry

Data Metrics in an Uncertain Time: Transportation & Logistics

The world of transportation and logistics has seen a dramatic shift in the importance of freight and transportation. From interstate partnerships of public entities to the strain of supply chains across various industries, the priority goods for transport have changed, and too have the type of information and searches that your digital audience is engaged in.

The goal of the real-time, industry-aggregated data we’re providing here is to identify on-site trends in an uncertain time surrounding the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. It’s your inside look into how real-life websites in your industry are doing. We encourage you to use it to compare your own website metrics and see if you’re following trends or falling behind amongst your sector peers. If you need help in identifying where you stand amongst this peer-set, reach out and let us know, we’re here to help.




Real-Time Effects of COVID-19 on Website Data From Transportation/Logistics Websites


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