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Our mission is simple: Professionalize the sales and marketing infrastructure for the American manufacturing industry and the organizations from various industries that help support it.

By providing manufacturers the latest insights and tools they need to market and sell to today’s buyers, we grow manufacturers and strengthen the industry—first regionally, then nationally and then even globally. In effect, our clients, their clients, their vendors, their suppliers, their employees and their entire professional network—as well as our employees and everyone we work with and know—benefit. You could say our mission is broadly to build a strong community for American manufacturers and their allies.


2002: The start of SyncShow (then called Idea Engine, Inc.) can be traced back to a simple observation Founder & CEO Chris Peer had more than a decade and a half ago: Buyers have changed the way they live, work, shop and buy, but manufacturers haven’t adapted.

This observation inspired Chris to build a marketing agency that sought to change and educate clients while injecting quality, great customer service and excellence into their businesses—three fundamentals that have grown the company and helped create its unique culture.

Chris grew the company single-handedly in its early years by continuing to establish long-term client partnerships through his knowledge or marketing and branding and by also attracting marketing experts and creatives with diversified skill sets. This growing team continued to build and refine marketing strategies, helping clients deliver prospects and customers experiences that were relevant, helpful and highly personalized.

2004: Idea Engine outgrew its office in Chris’s attic and moved into its first official office in Lakewood, Ohio. The 900-square-foot basement office provided a home for Idea Engine’s continued growth and success.

2006: Idea Engine won its first NEO Success Award in recognition of its status as one of Northeast Ohio’s fastest-growing organizations. Later in 2006, Idea Engine merged with its sister company, SyncShow, a company that, at the time, focused primarily on providing software solutions to clients. The merger allowed Idea Engine and SyncShow to provide clients the latest in marketing, technology and design. 

2007–2010: In late 2007, Idea Engine and SyncShow moved into a new office in Rocky River, Ohio. Continued success resulted in Idea Engine winning three additional NEO Success Awards, in 2008, 2009 and 2010 respectively.

2012: Idea Engine officially changed its name to SyncShow in an effort to more clearly communicate its full suite of marketing and technology solutions. SyncShow became a certified HubSpot partner in 2012, giving us access to the latest sales and marketing software.

2015: SyncShow rose through the ranks of HubSpot Partners to join the top 2% of Platinum Partners globally. This partnership furthered SyncShow’s ability to provide clients the latest technology and tools to support all of their marketing and sales efforts.

2016: SyncShow created a board of advisors to help strategically guide the organization.

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