Client Testimonials

Our clients’ results speak for themselves. See what they have to say about what it's like working with SyncShow.

OMNIA Partners
"SyncShow has been an integral part of our sales and marketing team alignment strategy. They have helped us successfully integrate two large companies into one, launch a new brand with a new website and implement a robust digital marketing strategy. Based on those achievements, OMNIA Partners has entered into another engagement with SyncShow to assist with the development and deployment of sales and marketing strategy for our second division. The SyncShow team brings expertise and knowledge to our organization and is an indispensable extension of our marketing team.”

- Andrea Scobie, Chief Marketing Officer, OMNIA Partners

All-Type Welding and Fabrication - President/CEO
“I would highly recommend SyncShow you're not getting the results you feel you should be getting in your marketing program. They have really improved our position in the marketplace and our exposure.”

- Michael J. Distaulo, President/CEO, All-Type Welding and Fabrication

TPC Wire & Cable Corp.
“I really don't view SyncShow as necessarily a vendor or a contractor. My experience is that the team at SyncShow is truly a partner. I would recommend this partnership to other colleagues, marketing managers and marketing teams in the industrial space."

- Annie Dorsey, Former Marketing Manager, TPC Wire & Cable

Joslyn Manufacturing
"The SaleSync meeting was something we were a bit nervous about going into, but it really was very organized from start to finish. It was not a very long time commitment. It was not 'yeah we can look at this, yeah we can think about this.' There was a plan set in place from the very beginning."

- Bret Joslyn, COO, Joslyn Manufacturing

ReTrans Freight
“The partnership with SyncShow has been extremely positive. The task to better us in the ultra-competitive and fast-changing transportation supply chain market provides dividends daily. SyncShow does a great job in listening, creating and working alongside us effectively.”

- Brian Hiller, Vice President of Business Development, ReTrans Freight

"We like that SyncShow comes in with both the technical aspect and also a marketing bend that is skewed toward manufacturing."

– Richard Potesta, President and COO, SlewPro

Seaman Corporation, FiberTite, XR Geomembranes & Architectural Fabrics
“As we continue to challenge ourselves to grow both domestically and internationally, SyncShow’s been a great partner in helping us tackle some of those challenges that we’ve had, and come up with solutions for us that will really help both sustain and grow the business."

- Michelle Miller, Former Marketing Manager, Seaman Corporation

Employee Benefits Law Group
"I needed a website that was going to find more business. Their people are great, the technology outstanding and I have never met a better group of project managers in my life compared to any service provider we’ve hired. Our website was delivered on time, on budget and the architecture’s wonderful."

– Kevin Long, President, Employee Benefits Law Group

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