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SyncShow Offers Next Generation Content Management System (CMS)

SyncShow™ CMS is an Enterprise Level Web Platform with Web 2.0 features that help grow a company's web presence - and - sell its products and services.

According to Dan Carbone, partner at IdeaEngine Inc., and founder of SyncShow®, the first intelligent and intuitive Content Management System (CMS), "In a world with more than 100 million websites competing for attention, delivery of content to the web is no longer enough."

Introducing the second generation of SyncShow®,  IdeaEngine, a marketing technology firm located in Rocky River, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, prefers to call it a second generation Content Marketing and Optimization System, or C2MOS. According to Carbone, not only will SyncShow™ seek out problems on a website and allow the user to make changes on the fly to generate higher search engine rankings, it also enhances the website's ability to develop leads and convert those leads into sales -- including business-to-business sites -- which, until now, have been slow to generate online sales.

According to Christopher Peer, founder of IdeaEngine Inc., "Essentially, what Dan has done with SyncShow® is to make a corporate or business website an enterprise level initiative by decentralizing website management efforts and allowing marketing and tech teams to work together to deliver a rich online experience that is poised to generate sales."

SyncShow's® Capabilities:

  • Bridge the gap between collecting analytic website activity data and understanding how to use that information on the fly, in order to create action items to enhance higher search engine rankings
  • Connect directly into Google Analytics database to extract and process analytic data in order to provide users with action items to increase search engine rankings in real time
  • Guide users on what content tweaks are needed to increase search engine rankings
  • Intuitively provide users with most effective keywords stored by Google to ensure the website is accurately described to effect enhanced viewing, which may enhance sales leads
  • Built-in real time search feature; web page edit capabilities; navigation and add new pages on the fly; specify administrative access, etc.

Plug and play Modules include:

  • eCommerce - to help sell products and services
  • Forum - to conduct internal/external public and private discussions
  • Knowledge Center - share documents with prospective customers; gather sales leads
  • Help Desk - assists entire sales team to help customers
  • Blog - to quickly embed company's comments into web communities
  • Share - password protected module to securely transfer files to and from customers

Additional modules include:

  • Email a Friend
  • Rate Me
  • Analytics
  • Site Map
  • Social Network Share
  • Lead Generation to create forms
  • Sales Force and vTrenz
  • Conversion Tracking
  • And more

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