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A Holistic Digital Marketing Program Brings Sales-Ready Leads and Operational Efficiencies to the Organization


The Versamatic sales team had been using traditional selling tactics—making phone calls and scheduling in-person appointments to pitch their products—that weren’t driving the volume of sales the company needed to reach its growth goals. Their existing efforts had resulted in:

  • A lack of clarity about who Versamatic is and how they go to market
  • An outdated website that wasn’t driving the right traffic
  • Disjointed internal departments that were only focused on their individual goals
  • Slow, long sales cycles
  • A lack of new market share Feeling stuck and frustrated, the team knew they needed to think differently about their sales and marketing efforts, but weren’t sure how to.VM_logo-black

Company Bio: Since 1983, Versamatic has manufactured world-class air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps. They also offer superior customer service, application engineering and after-sales support throughout the life cycle of each of their products.

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With a lack of internal resources to support Versamatic’s aggressive growth goals, the manufacturer started to evaluate outside marketing agencies. Soon after, the partnership between Versamatic and SyncShow began.

We evaluated multiple vendors, and SyncShow’s focus on B2B lead generation was the deciding factor for selecting them over the competition. SyncShow presented a clear plan and demonstrated their understanding of the tactics required to achieve the results we desired.

– Justin Dill, Versamatic Director of Digital Development & Customer Experience


SyncShow’s Three-Step Process to Increase Revenue

  1. Discovery & Goal Setting: After listening to Versamatic’s sales team’s challenges and growth goals, SyncShow presented a three-year online marketing plan, which included monthly key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals.
  2. Custom Strategy & Game Plan: With company challenges beyond just the sales and marketing departments, custom online marketing andbrand awareness strategies were necessary to take Versamatic to the level it strivedto be at.
  3. Integrated Marketing & Sales Strategies: If Versamatic was going to trulytransform itssales and marketing efforts, individual marketing initiatives wouldn’t get them there. This is why SyncShow’s online marketing plan took a holistic,rather than siloed, approach.

Versamatic’s sales and marketing transformation began with a new website that would:

  • Serve as a central hub for attracting prospects, validating its offerings and converting prospects to leads
  • Drive qualified traffic and engagement through a content and messaging strategy
  • Position Versamatic as a thought leader in its industry
  • Leverage marketing and visitor data to drive decisions and accelerate ongoing sales and marketing efforts
  • Allow Versamatic to take proactive control of its lead flow to determine who would be serviced in-house or passed off to its distribution team


Capturing Leads Who Are Ready to Buy

The website focused on strong messaging, giving visitors clear insights into Versamatic’s product offerings, markets served and educational resources. By designing and building a site centered around conversion rate optimization strategies, the client saw a 126% increase in total leads year-over-year. Of these leads, 61% were sales-ready.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Increasing traffic and leads on a website means nothing if those leads aren’t qualified and/or ready to buy a client’s products or services. By employing online marketing initiatives that would bring prospects to the table that were well into their buying journey, the Versamatic sales team received sales-ready leads that were ready to be spoken with.

Attracting the Right Audience

After the first year of partnering with SyncShow, Versamatic only saw a 16% increase in site traffic.

WHY THIS MATTERS: The goal was not simply to increase website traffic, but to increase the right traffic. A big gain in total traffic wasn’t the priority—what mattered was filtering out the website visitors that weren’t a good fit for Versamatic’s products and attracting the ones that were. More importantly, the ones that would result in sales.


Online Marketing Tactics Used to Attract Sales-Ready Prospects

Social Media: Versamatic saw a 3,000% increase in social media traffic.

WHY THIS MATTERS: LinkedIn was the social media channel that Versamatic’s prospects were spending most of their time on. By sharing thought leadership content that was both educational and product-focused, the client was able to engage and build relationships with qualified prospects.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Versamatic saw a 15% increase in organic traffic.

WHY THIS MATTERS: SEO strategies focused on keywords that sales-ready prospects would be searching for were utilized, contributing to the success of bringing the right audience to the Versamatic sales team.

Email Marketing: Versamatic has seen infinite growth.

WHY THIS MATTERS: After qualified visitors were identified, email marketing strategies were used to nurture those leads and move them through the buying process, resulting in meaningful conversations with the Versamatic sales team and its distributors. As this online marketing strategy had never been used before, Versamatic continues to see infinite growth from this channel.




While the new website and online marketing plan have generated strong results for Versamatic, perhaps the most important outcome of the partnership with SyncShow has been the transformation of the way their entire organization operates, not only their sales and marketing departments.

The holistic approach that SyncShow took has created a well-oiled machine for prospects to flow through. Each department, including sales, marketing and customer service, knows the role they play in attracting, nurturing and retaining customers—and the impact it has on the bottom line of the company. Having a more efficient, aligned organization may not have been the catalyst to the partnership between Versamatic and SyncShow, but it has certainly been the best outcome possible. And because of it, Versamatic continues to have success with its online marketing program to this day.

In a short time, SyncShow developed a new website and executed an inbound marketing plan that has resulted in a significant increase in high-quality leads. Our brand awareness, social media presence and position in the industry as a thought leader have all been considerably improved.

– Justin Dill, Versamatic Director of Digital Development & Customer Experience




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