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Lead Generation Website Brings 28.5X ROI in 18 Months


SlewPro is a B2B metal manufacturing and service company focused on a niche market of slewing ring bearings, turntable bearings, pinions, slewing drives and forged rings.


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As a new player in a very established niche market, SlewPro needed a lead generation website to attract new business and create brand awareness while positioning the company as a legitimate alternative to its larger competitors.



  • Virtually no web presence and a newcomer to the market
  • No technical infrastructure to house and mine sales and customer data
  • Competition was embedded in the market and dominated market share




SyncShow launched SlewPro’s website using its proprietary customer-centric design process. The SlewPro website addresses the needs of prospective customers during their buying journey. Every aspect of the website was designed to attract a specific buyer type and capture visitor information to fill the sales pipeline. This included a wide range of B2B digital marketing services such as user interface design, calls-to-action, copywriting and search engine optimization.

We use web analytics and a wide variety of other tools to regularly track your lead generation goals, and, if necessary, change your search engine optimization strategy to increase return on investment (ROI).




Richard Potesta founded SlewPro and has over 25 years of experience leading teams that design and manufacture precision-engineered products.

Q: Was Your Website a Good Investment?

A: Yes. It broadened our reach while furthering our brand awareness. In addition, it put our public appearance on par with our large international competitors.

Q: Would You Recommend SyncShow to Others?

A: Yes. The website has done exactly what we wanted it to do. We are now looking ahead to what additional progress can be made once we activate the inbound marketing portion of our plan.

Q: How Has the Website Helped to Drive Traffic and Awareness in New Markets

A: We have quoted a number of international jobs and have secured one order from France. The website has given us a global reach! At a time when the dollar is weak against the euro, I believe we will have other opportunities in the future.

SyncShow helps manufacturing companies synchronize sales and marketing to show how to generate more leads from your website. We are a turnkey provider of lead-to-revenue solutions, offering a unique alignment to the industrial buyer’s journey. Contact us today to explore the digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.



SyncShow is an online marketing agency committed to helping growth-oriented professional services organizations fill their sales pipelines and grow. Using processes that are proven to drive results, we help companies increase brand awareness, authority and quality leads. Contact us today so we can help you develop a plan to solve your organization’s greatest challenges. Schedule a discovery call today.


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