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Joslyn Manufacturing creates custom thermoformed plastic components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and point-of-purchase display companies. One of the most experienced formed plastic manufacturers in Ohio, Joslyn brings a collaborative approach to thermoforming and excels at producing one-of-a-kind plastic products that are perfect for specific applications in many industries.


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At a high level, Joslyn wanted to professionalize sales and marketing efforts and create a web presence that consistently and accurately told its brand story. Joslyn’s customers knew the company to be an innovative provider of high-quality, custom thermoformed solutions, but this wasn’t immediately apparent to prospects searching for these solutions online.

To accomplish these goals, Joslyn’s leaders initially partnered with SyncShow to:

  • Create a search engine–optimized lead generation website
  • Improve the way marketing metrics were being tracked and analyzed
  • Generate high-quality leads to diversify the company’s sales pipeline
  • Refine Joslyn’s value proposition and clearly and consistently communicate it online



Joslyn was founded in 1946, but the fourthgeneration, family-owned company had never really invested in marketing and didn’t place much value in digital marketing. But Joslyn’s leaders understood that change was necessary.

After all, the company’s website was over a decade old, generating virtually no leads, getting very little traffic, offered a poor user experience and was tracking no data or analytics. SyncShow essentially needed to build a web presence for Joslyn from the ground up.



Instead of aggressively implementing an out-ofthe-box solution to rebuild Joslyn’s web presence, the SyncShow team began by stepping back and deconstructing the company’s current marketing and sales environment. To do this, SyncShow employed two strategic, proprietary processes: SaleSync™ and WebSync™.

SaleSync is a strategic process that helps recalibrate and realign a company’s marketing and sales efforts and kicks off with a full-day strategy session. Joslyn’s leaders sat down with SyncShow team members at that session to discuss—in detail— their goals, current customers, competitors and challenges, among other topics. Throughout the session, SyncShow also asked distinct questions to learn all about Joslyn’s business.

The following day, Joslyn’s leaders sat down with SyncShow team members for a separate full-day strategy session to kick off WebSync, a strategic process that ensures every website SyncShow creates accurately communicates not only what a company does, but what it represents. Additionally, WebSync helps ensure websites are optimized to capture sales qualified leads, or the types of leads a company needs to close more sales.

The strategy sessions are only the beginning of each process. Following both sessions, SyncShow team members combined the information they gathered with deep manufacturing industry knowledge and specialized expertise to come up with a detailed website strategy and inbound marketing plan.

The SaleSync meeting was something we were a bit nervous about going into, but it really was very organized from start to was not ‘yeah we can look at this, yeah we can think about this.’ There was a plan set in place from the very beginning."

—Bret Joslyn, COO, Joslyn Manufacturing



  • Detailed profiles of Joslyn’s top three buyers, which include their pain points, goals, objectives and where they can be found online
  • A better-defined brand voice and marketing messages written to appeal to each of Joslyn’s ideal buyers
  • A refined value proposition that centers around Joslyn’s one-of-a-kind approach to plastic thermoforming
  • Fully mapped-out buyers’ journeys for each ideal buyer that illustrate how relevant content will turn website visitors into qualified leads who are ready for Joslyn’s sales team
  • A detailed inbound marketing plan that explains how content offers, email marketing, social media and marketing automation will work together to reach Joslyn’s goals


  • A mobile- and desktop-optimized website that is completely integrated with HubSpot inbound marketing and sales software, promotes an optimal user experience and accurately portrays the Joslyn brand
  • Website messaging that not only communicates why Joslyn is uniquely equipped to address the common pain points and challenges of ideal customers but helps the website rank in search engines when prospects conduct research

    “I think the biggest thing for us,” Joslyn said, “is the traffic we are starting to see via the web...within a five-day period, we saw a tremendous amount of interest [in an article SyncShow helped us write] to the point where we had over two dozen leads as a result of what we had published with the help of SyncShow.”


THE SYNCSHOW TEAM APPROACHJoslyn-7-months-after-site-launch

Joslyn’s website strategy and inbound marketing plan were created by an in-house team of specialists, each with a unique set of skills—this is the SyncShow team approach. To reach Joslyn’s goals, SyncShow relied on:

  • Senior account specialists and account managers to refine Joslyn’s value proposition and devise overarching strategies and detailed, actionable inbound marketing plans
  • Website project team members to determine the right mix of website features, create a logical site structure and develop a detailed project calendar to keep the website project on schedule
  • Graphic designers to create a visually appealing, consistent—and accurate—brand look and feel
  • SEO specialists to develop a search engine optimization strategy that ensures Joslyn ranks online for the terms that prospects are searching for
  • Content strategists to help refine Joslyn’s value proposition and ensure the website and inbound marketing plan contain content that is relevant to the needs of prospects and guides readers logically through an appropriate buyer’s journey
  • Developers to ensure the website looks and functions as it should and provides optimal user experiences on desktop and mobile devices






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