Brand Repositioning, New Website & Marketing Strategy for Purchasing Organization

OMNIA Partners Website

OMNIA Partners

After four leading purchasing organizations combined forces to create OMNIA Partners, the largest and most-experienced organization in group purchasing and supply chain management, we were tasked to develop a website for the new parent organization that:

  • Accurately showcases what the GPO is capable of and communicates consistent and compelling messages to members and suppliers from various industry segments
  • Enables the GPO to track and analyze website and marketing automation performance/KPIs to support future strategic decisions
  • Generates high-quality leads from multiple channels to support sales initiatives

To achieve this, we needed a solid foundation first—which we built using three proven, proprietary strategies.

BrandSync allowed us to pinpoint the elements that come together to differentiate OMNIA Partners compared to other purchasing organizations. WebSync™ helped us design a new website with custom features, a modern look and targeted messaging, conversion opportunities and experiences for members and suppliers. SaleSync™ enabled us to connect all the dots. We leveraged the website framework from WebSync™ and the value proposition messaging from BrandSync to build a marketing plan that attracts the right people at the right time with the right messaging in the right formats.

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