COVID-19 Effect on the Manufacturing Industry

Data Metrics in an Uncertain Time: Manufacturing

With COVID-19 redefining who is essential and who isn’t during these uncertain times it has made for a new reality among manufacturers. With some lines sitting idle, others seeing increased production and still others pivoting their capabilities to serve a new, high-volume need - like PPE and food-processing products - the business of manufacturing is going through a seismic shift. Because of this, the way people buy and do business has drastically changed. Your website metrics are most likely reflecting this change. But how do you stack up to peers in your industry?

The goal of the real-time, industry-aggregated data we’re providing here is to identify on-site trends in an uncertain time surrounding the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. It’s your inside look into how the other, real-life websites in your industry are doing. We encourage you to use it to compare your own website metrics and see if you’re following trends or falling behind amongst your sector peers. If you need help in identifying where you stand amongst this peer-set, reach out and let us know, we’re here to help.



Real-Time Effects of COVID-19 on Website Data From Manufacturing Websites



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