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Case Study: Mid-Market GPO Uses Digital Marketing Lead Generation to Drive Revenue

Mid-Market GPO uses Digital Marketing Lead Generation to Drive Revenue

As the world’s leading buying group in mid-market manufacturing, Prime Advantage, now OMNIA Partners, Private Sector had a goal to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between its members (from 25 different industries) and 125 top-performing endorsed suppliers. By leveraging the spending of the entire membership, Prime Advantage negotiates volume-based savings programs with its supply base that drive down costs for members and increase market share for suppliers.

The Challenges

Prime Advantage came to SyncShow with a set of challenging goals:

  • Enhance market awareness and improve organic search results with a more engaging and content-rich website
  • Develop new leads with unique content relevant to Prime Advantage’s members and prospects
  • Build a list of sales qualified leads to educate and nurture with the goal of turning them into recurring members

SyncShow immediately knew where to start.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

Prime Advantage members make up a diverse group of companies from related industries. When looked at in the context of the group purchasing organization (GPO) model, they’re highly complementary to one another. In essence, Prime Advantage was solving the same problems for clients in many different industries. The problem, however, was finding out how to capture this diverse audience’s attention and drive it to one online location—Prime Advantage’s website (and, ultimately, to the company’s sales team).

Before delivering a set of detailed recommendations, SyncShow sat down with all Prime Advantage decision-makers for two full-day brainstorm sessions. These sessions were each the first step in two trademarked, strategic processes offered by SyncShow:

SaleSync™: A process that helps to recalibrate and realign marketing and sales efforts, ensuring our clients can achieve their goals by providing the right people with the right information at the right time.

WebSync™: A process that helps ensure a client’s online web presence accurately communicates its brand and is optimized to capture sales qualified leads. Both of these strategic, in-depth processes allowed SyncShow to deliver a detailed digital marketing lead generation plan that addressed Prime Advantage’s exact needs.

Over the first year following SyncShow’s strategic efforts, Prime Advantage saw:

  • 31,875 Prospect Website Sessions

    Goal: 23,600

    Exceeded goal by 29.83%

  • 357 Leads

    Goal: 236

    Exceeded goal by 40.8%

  • 45 SQLs

    Goal: 41

    Exceeded goal by 9.3%

Since working with SyncShow, Prime Advantage:

  • Increased organic website traffic by 515%
  • Saw 10,000+ website visits from social media
  • Increased blog visits by 1,489%

Flawless Execution

Upon Prime Advantage’s approval of the digital marketing strategy, SyncShow:

  • Updated all online messaging to speak to newly defined target customers
  • Developed email campaigns and a content marketing strategy to drive leads to the website
  • Created a more robust social media presence that promotes thought leadership content on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Conducted research to analyze Prime Advantage’s customer lifecycle stages, which influenced the timing of various marketing and sales efforts
  • Set up and trained Prime Advantage on HubSpot’s customer relationship management system (CRM) to greatly enhance sales team lead management

Astounding Results

All of these efforts improved Prime Advantage’s ability to generate the leads it wanted and also helped it use data to its advantage. Prime Advantage now had the ability to understand how these leads converted on its website, which allowed for repeatable efforts in the future.

From content marketing and graphic design to video marketing, SyncShow offers a range of digital marketing services to help grow your company. Contact us today to get the conversation started on how we can help maximize your digital marketing strategy to reach your goals.

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