B2B Content Marketing Services

Content is essentially anything your company gets out into the world that expresses what your company represents and offers. It immediately impacts how your company’s perceived by customers and prospects.

So it's not surprising that content is the primary tool that creates your brand’s perceived value. And the way in which all content works together to tell a cohesive brand story, while also engaging your defined customers or prospects at the right time and place—using the right content format and channel—is content marketing.

Impactful content marketing goes beyond this to help establish you as a thought leader within your industry. This involves strategic storytelling that captivates your buyers when they’re looking for compelling solutions that address specific pain points. Using content to establish your company as the best solution-provider to an identified set of problems helps you generate the leads you want.

If this sounds complicated, it is, unless you have a strategic marketing partner that has proven strategies to ensure all content pieces work within the context of a highly informed content strategy.

Some of the most effective content formats for engaging customers and prospects include:

How We Make Content Work for You

Each of these content formats is delivered to buyers using various distribution channels, such as your email, your blog or your website—aka, your marketing hub. What message each piece of content communicates and what content format is distributed using which content channel is all driven by your content marketing strategy.

The final step of an effective content marketing strategy is analysis. As your strategic marketing partner we ask questions like:

  • Which content formats were effective?
  • Was the messaging correct?
  • Was the channel the right one?

We ask a lot of questions and then get answers using real data points that are gathered from a number of tools and applications. Then we readjust your content marketing strategy as necessary to ensure it aligns with your buyers' journeys—and repeat.

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