B2B Ecommerce Services

Helping You Build Stronger Customer Relationships With Ecommerce 

Become the online supplier your customers are looking for, and, in turn, improve your profit margins and build stronger customer relationships. This is exactly what our ecommerce solution provides.

We specialize in helping companies execute B2B ecommerce strategies that maximize sales and profits. Whether your online offerings are complementing your sales team or you need a website to generate a certain percentage of your sales, we have the experience to help you succeed.

How We Make Ecommerce Work for You

Overall, we drive qualified traffic to your ecommerce site, improve conversion opportunities and acquire valuable customer data. To do this, we rely on proven strategies, metrics and a suite of tactics.

What Our Ecommerce Strategy Looks Like

First, we work closely with your company to figure out how to best portray your brand’s online identity in a way that builds trust with your prospective customer base—because making an online purchase is as much emotional as it is financial.

Once we have a plan in place, there are a number of ways we help build customer trust. Some include:

    • Clearly defining your brand’s unique value proposition
    • Employing traffic-generation strategies that drive the right customers
    • Producing product-based content (including descriptions, images and videos)
    • Crafting your company’s story with professional copywriting
    • Assessing your shopping cart/checkout customer experience to see how we can improve it to boost sales

Once trust is established and your ecommerce site is ready to start attracting new customers, we then focus on re-engaging current and past customers, using:

    • Strategic email campaigns
    • Captured visitor information
    • Cross-selling and upselling techniques

Want to generate more sales and revenue?