Using Social Media Strategically to Drive Leads

Social Media For Your B2B Manufacturing Company

Social media is just as important as any other channel when trying to connect the industrial buyer to a B2B manufacturing or manufacturing services company. That’s why being active on social media is a great way to help your company generate leads and attract prospects.

In fact, according to technology services company GlobalSpec, “The majority of engineers and industrial professionals now have social media accounts, and many companies have a social media presence...63% of [industrial] users now have a LinkedIn account, compared to only 43% in 2010.”

As more people spend more time using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, they’re spending less time on your website. So integrating your website, mobile and social strategies is critical to reaching customers in today's world.

We approach B2B social media as part of an integrated online content marketing strategy. And we develop and execute inbound marketing strategies (aka, attract ideal prospects to your brand before they’re ready to buy, and build that relationship throughout the buyer’s journey—even after the sale has closed) that include B2B social media marketing for manufacturing and manufacturing services companies.


In addition to promoting relationship-building communication with buyers that never feels like a hard sell, social media channel benefits the digital marketing efforts of manufacturing companies because

  • It enhances brand awareness to large and diverse audiences
  • It targets specific buyer types in online communities, generating demand from an audience that would otherwise be unreachable
  • 57% of engineers and technical professionals alone use social media to find product reviews
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