B2B Branding Strategy

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Helping Clients Build Stronger Brands

Both new and established brands can benefit from stepping back and looking at what makes them unique and why customers should want to work with them. However, it’s essential to look below the surface—no one can differentiate their product or service offerings on “price,” “value” and “quality” alone, nor should they.

BrandSync provides a strategic framework that’s designed to dig way, way below the surface to uncover all of your brand’s unique attributes and how they work together to make your brand truly one-of-a-kind.

What the BrandSync Process Looks Like

BrandSync is broken out into five distinct stages that span about eight weeks total.

Stage 1 - Assessment: Before we can really dig in, we need information from you. Prior to the first face-to-face strategy session, we ask you to provide various information about your company.

Stage 2 - Workshop Planning: We take the time to develop customized exercises and processes that help us arrive at your unique value proposition and brand voice.

Stage 3 - Workshop: This face-to-face strategic one- to two-day session includes multiple exercises that focus on topics such as your customers’ problems, the uniqueness of your brand and decision modeling. We even begin to create your unique value proposition statement in the workshop.

Stage 4 - Value Proposition Creation and Strategy: Homework completed, this is where we build out all of your deliverables. These include product- and segment-level value proposition statement(s), a company-level value proposition, marketing plan messaging, your brand voice, creative mood boards (aka what your brand looks like at a glance) and more.

Stage 5 - Presentation, Support and Implementation: We present our deliverables to you, explain them in detail and help you implement them using the latest digital marketing solutions.

BrandSync Benefits

  • Better alignment of your brand to customer expectations and experience
  • Accelerated process - We get done in 1-2 days what would normally take weeks to complete.
  • Expert guidance, experience & strategy.
  • Creative direction that helps to ensure:
    • Credibility in the marketplace.
    • Alignment of your value proposition to your company's growth goals
    • A consistent look and feel of all your brand assets.
    • A brand voice that resonates with your target audience.
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Bring your vision to life.