Driving Revenue Growth with Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is the process of defining how sales and marketing can work together under one comprehensive strategy to drive more value compared to separate marketing and sales strategies.

In other words, to attract new customers and expand upon existing relationships, your company needs to become both sales- and marketing-driven. To do this, today’s B2B manufacturing and manufacturing services companies need to think about:

  1. How their buyers buy
  2. What motivates them

That’s where we come in. We generate interest in your brand, product or service and measure that interest using various tactics and strategies.

But that's just the beginning.

We also work to move prospects through your entire sales cycle (aka the buyer's journey) and help build the relationship over time. How we do that exactly involves many moving parts—that all work together to form an entire marketing and sales ecosystem:

Video on Sales and Marketing Alignment for Improved Revenue


To ensure your sales and marketing efforts are working together, we:

  1. Define sales and marketing goals to track your return on investment (ROI), ensuring your marketing and sales strategies are on the same page.
  2. Provide invaluable insights into your sales performance by analyzing lead-to-sale conversion rates, average order value, client lifetime value and sales goals.
  3. Build a sales-lead engine by studying your website traffic, conversion rates and the quality of your online leads.
  4. Create a digital (inbound) marketing strategy to improve your metrics, using marketing techniques that generate quality leads, including search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content marketing and website integration.
  5. Help you become a thought leader within your industry by continually producing great editorial content for your site, blog and social media channels.


By pinpointing the exact source of your digital engagements—right down to the individual lead, social media channel, company, blog post or keyword—we can identify exactly how your B2B lead generation strategy is working and use that data to improve upon it, ensuring you get maximum return on investment.


All of our efforts help drive new qualified traffic to your site, engage new prospects (not to mention re-engage past customers) and ultimately determine which leads are sales qualified (SQLs), which we hand off to your sales team to close. The tools are sophisticated so the process can be simple:


Manufacturers need to professionalize their sales and marketing efforts.

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