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Show Off Your Workplace on Facebook with 360˚ Photos

Regardless of what industry you’re in, sharing engaging, unique content about your company is a great way to get the attention of prospective customers and increase your brand awareness.  Publishing 360˚ photos of your workplace -- whether it’s a manufacturing facility, an office, a shipping yard or something else -- is a great way to help people feel more connected to your company.

360˚ photos allow people online to take a look around your business as though they were really standing there with you, and it’s likely that your competitors haven’t yet started using them on their social properties and websites.

Thankfully, creating 360˚ photos and sharing them online has recently become very easy to do with just your smartphone. In fact, you might have the capability to do it right now, and not even know it.

Google’s free Street View app lets you take 360˚ photos with your smartphone, and it was meant to be utilized to post the images publicly on Google Maps. Recently, however, Facebook introduced 360˚ photo support that allows you to post them directly to your company’s Facebook page.

Taking a 360˚ photo of your business only takes a few minutes to do; the app guides you through the process, giving you “markers” to align your camera with as you scan the room. After the app processes the individual images and converts them into a 360˚ photo, you can easily upload it to your company’s Facebook page.

And once the 360˚ photo is up on your Facebook page, you can easily embed it on your company website. Here’s a 360˚ shot that I took of our offices here at SyncShow:

You’ll notice that it’s not perfect; there are some problems with a few of the individual images lining up properly. But overall, the effect is pretty cool. It makes you feel as though you’re really standing in the office, having a look around. (Tip: your 360˚ photo will come out better if you take it outdoors or from the center of a very large room -- a manufacturing facility or warehouse, for example -- where objects like furniture or equipment are further away from you.)

Sharing a 360˚ video on your business’s Facebook page -- and embedding it on your website -- is a great way for you to help your targeted audience get to know your company. Why not try it yourself?

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