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Estimating Your Digital Marketing ROI & Validating Your Budgets

Is your marketing an investment or an expense? If you’re like many executives and decision-makers, you view marketing as an expense and have difficulty showing results, justifying budgets and showcasing a return on investment.

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What Key Performance Indicators You Should Be Tracking

KPI Metrics and Goal Setting

Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPI) to track for digital marketing can be tricky for a few reasons. With digital channels providing, in some cases, real-time data, and mountains of it, how do you slog through the offerings to find out what really matters? Too often we …

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Measuring the Website Data Analytics for Your Business Objectives

Utilizing The Right Data

If you’ve ever logged into a tool like Google Analytics, chances are you may have been overwhelmed by the amount of data you could pull about your website.

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A Deep Dive into Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing without data is like a bicycle without wheels; it simply does not work. Digital marketing requires a lot of trial and error. Generally, digital marketers are not their own target audience, so it takes some time to determine which marketing efforts will resonate most …

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