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Powering Your Industrial Business: LinkedIn Marketing Strategies That Work – Part Two

LinkedIn's specialized tools and features make it a goldmine for sales and marketing teams in the B2B space. With precise targeting, networking capabilities, lead generation, dynamic advertising opportunities, and content sharing, it's a one-stop platform for building brand awareness …

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Connecting with Confidence: Tips for Industrial Marketers on LinkedIn – Part One

Believe it or not, LinkedIn turned twenty years old in May 2023. While Meta, X, and TikTok may receive daily media and consumer attention, LinkedIn has quietly become one of the oldest and most used social media platforms on the planet. There are over 900 million users worldwide. In f …

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Reengage Your Target Audience with a Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting Campaign Concept

You created relevant content, improved the user experience, your website traffic is up and conversion rates have increased. You're done, right? Mission accomplished? Not quite. Even though some success has been achieved, new opportunities that will allow you to make even more signific …

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