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Phygital Marketing in the Industrial Sector: Optimizing ROI by Blending Physical and Digital Strategies

Once upon a time, marketing leaders in the industrial sector relied solely on personal interactions, printed materials, and physical marketing channels to promote products and build brand awareness. Trade shows and exhibitions provided opportunities to demonstrate machinery and techno …

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Manufacturing Sales: Then and Now

The manufacturing industry in the United States has undergone tremendous change in the last few decades. While automation has been around since the 1950s, it has gained momentum over the past decade, fueled by innovations in robotics and technology. While some experts are concerned ab …

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Boosting Your HubSpot ROI: How Team Training Drives Success

It's stating the obvious to say that business leaders must understand that success depends on whether digital marketing strategies drive sales. Digital marketing leverages online channels and tactics to find and engage with potential customers, ultimately leading them through the sale …

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Crafting Impactful B2B Narratives: A Guide to Showing Value Through Case Studies

Here's a little-known fun fact. The Harvard Business School published the first business standalone case study in 1921. It was simply titled "General Shoe Company." The single-page report outlined the real-world problem a Boston shoe company was facing. The shoe company managers wante …

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Podcast Feature: 8 Must-Dos to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Many companies in the transportation & logistics industry are pleased with incremental growth each year. Others have audacious goals and are ready to level up their sales and marketing efforts to reach them. If only it was that easy.

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Sales and Marketing Strategies for Transportation and Logistics Businesses

Sales and marketing alignment

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from sales leaders that transportation and logistics is a relationship industry, and deals are closed based on referrals and face-to-face meetings. If you’re living that life, then you’re inherently limiting the growth of your business to the …

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Content That Can Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Content creation is often time-intensive. It can be costly. Most of the content you create won't immediately lead to a closed sale. For B2B companies with limited marketing budgets, this can be frustrating.

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