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Increasing Customer Usage by 95% with HubSpot’s New Chatbot Feature

Image of a person holding a phone with chat bubbles above it

The intense focus on artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked many questions from our clients about how to use it to streamline their communication processes. A chatbot is one of the simplest AI tools to use for this purpose. Our clients have had a ton of success placing HubSpot's cha …

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The Role of Email Marketing in Building Relationships in B2B Industrial Companies

While the B2B marketing world loses its collective mind over emerging marketing channels like influencer marketing and podcasts, email remains a powerful marketing tool for manufacturing companies. Why? Because email fosters lucrative business connections with consistent and personali …

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7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes in the Professional Services Industry and How to Avoid Them

Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is one of the most proven initiatives in the digital marketing landscape. It’s a great way for professional services firms to share thought-provoking content as well as demonstrate and validate their expertise in certain subject areas.

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Five Must-Dos When Sending a Newsletter to Prospects

Many companies send out a monthly newsletter to their entire database, which can consist of current customers, prospects, vendors, blog subscribers, friends and family. An important part of inbound marketing for manufacturers is establishing lead-nurturing email campaigns for prospect …

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5 Steps to Create a Drip Campaign for B2B Manufacturers

Even if you haven’t heard the term “drip campaign” you know what it is. Every morning when you check your email we all see it – another email from our favorite retailer (or the retailer we just signed up with to get that 10% discount). What that retailer is doing is repeatedly sending …

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Programming Email Templates for Drip Campaign Marketing

Designing and developing custom email templates is not a simple task. The frustration of spending countless hours coding a file that perfectly matches a design template, only to see it break inexplicably in Gmail or Outlook can crush even the most seasoned of developers.

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Manufacturers: Staying on Top of Your Email Marketing Automation

We often hear our clients say that in order to get customers, they have to be in the right place at the right time as their prospects aren’t always looking for their product or service. Since we aren’t mind readers, how can we possibly know when prospects are looking to buy without th …

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