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Using Paid Media to Drive Lead Generation

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Lead generation is essential for any company looking to bring in new business. Without a lead generation strategy, it’s very unlikely that any leads making their way through your funnel will fit your ideal persona profile. So, what happens when you have a strategy that isn’t bringing …

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Increase Your ROI With Video Marketing and Social Media

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Video marketing has changed as the online world, and consumers, have evolved. Its main goal today is to provide engaging and valuable content to the average user.

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Reengage Your Target Audience with a Retargeting Campaign

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You created relevant content, improved the user experience, your website traffic is up and conversion rates have increased. You're done, right? Mission accomplished? Not quite. Even though some success has been achieved, new opportunities that will allow you to make even more signific …

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6 Reasons Why Social Media Works for B2B Marketing

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In today’s modern world, we’re all connected by screens. Whether you’re using a phone, tablet or laptop, it’s easier than ever to see what someone is doing halfway across the world (and see what they had for breakfast for that matter). You can thank social media for that.

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8 Tips for Creating an Iconic Social Media Marketing Strategy

What’s a Social Media Marketing Strategy? A social media marketing strategy is essentially a summary of everything you desire to achieve on social media and how you plan to do it. Your strategy guides your actions and lets you know whether you’re hitting or missing your goals. Creatin …

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4 Fail-Proof B2B Social Media Strategies

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Nowadays, most businesses are aware that social media needs to be a piece of their overall digital marketing efforts to stay relevant and to attract talent. However, there is still plenty of hesitation around committing dollars to social media tactics.

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Improve Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy With Social Media


Customers are every business’s powerhouse. Without them, how would any business survive? Nowadays, everyone understands the importance of customers and their experience with a business. Those businesses that prioritize customers are reaping the benefits.

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