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Why Marketing is Crucial for 3PLs in a Down Market

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies have long been the unsung heroes of the supply chain. They offer an array of essential services ranging from warehousing and transportation to distribution and freight management. However, during challenging economic marketplaces, as demand dimini …

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How Refining Your Brand Helps Scale Your Transportation Business

Transportation Insights Interview with SGT Logistics

With over 30 years in the industry, logistics has left its mark on Dave Sosnowski. Some refer to these marks as scars, but Dave would rather refer to them as “teachable moments,” emphasizing the need for constant learning in an industry where you never know everything.

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A Career in Transportation and Logistics Leads to Business Success

Transportation Marketing Insights Interview with Rebecca Dougherty

Tune in to this episode of Transportation Insights to meet Rebecca Dougherty of All Points Transportation, a division of Evans Network. Rebecca’s trucking and logistics background spans an entire career which included time overseas to serve our country. Rebecca is a veteran and a busi …

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