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Goodbye, Funnel. Hello, Flywheel: How This Can Help Your Professional Services Marketing

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As lead generation strategies have evolved, we’re seeing trends that move away from the typical funnel structure of pulling a prospect through buying stages in linear, purposeful ways. While some businesses can still effectively utilize a funnel strategy for selling, this can be espec …

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How Much Should Manufacturers Spend on Marketing?

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As the owner of a marketing firm that specializes in growing manufacturing companies, I often get asked, “How much should my manufacturing firm spend on marketing?” My typical response is, “Well, it depends.” As you can imagine, this isn’t the answer most people are looking for. The c …

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Finding Your Differentiated Value Proposition and Why It Matters

Cost, quality, customer service and timing: The four pillars of your value proposition, right? Perhaps not. These are the four things that great industrial companies get right. The problem is that customers expect you to get these things right, each time, all the time. Your customers …

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The Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Cleveland, Ohio


As the CEO and founder of SyncShow, a digital marketing agency in Cleveland, Ohio, I meet with hundreds of manufacturing and industrial companies each year. As prospective clients weigh their options when choosing a partner for their marketing, I often get asked who are our greatest c …

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Why SEO Matters for Manufacturing Companies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring your site can be found on search engines. There are two types of SEO, on-site and off-site. On-site SEO is essentially quality control for your website; it makes sure search engines can understand its structure and assures yo …

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3 Tips for Manufacturers Looking to Sell to the Millennial Buyer


As a young marketing professional who works almost exclusively with manufacturers, I understand how millennials in this industry buy, think and work—and they’re quite different from the buyers of past generations. This is significant because millennials will soon make up a good portio …

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Using Brand Journalism to Attract Prospects

A company's marketing strategy is off to a good start: They have a decent website, a blog and a strong social media presence. Their product and/or service is out there for all the world to see, but could they be doing more? Every company seems to have its own blog and Facebook page th …

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