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Phygital Marketing in the Industrial Sector: Optimizing ROI by Blending Physical and Digital Strategies

Once upon a time, marketing leaders in the industrial sector relied solely on personal interactions, printed materials, and physical marketing channels to promote products and build brand awareness. Trade shows and exhibitions provided opportunities to demonstrate machinery and techno …

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Boosting Your HubSpot ROI: How Team Training Drives Success

It's stating the obvious to say that business leaders must understand that success depends on whether digital marketing strategies drive sales. Digital marketing leverages online channels and tactics to find and engage with potential customers, ultimately leading them through the sale …

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Crafting Impactful B2B Narratives: A Guide to Showing Value Through Case Studies

Here's a little-known fun fact. The Harvard Business School published the first business standalone case study in 1921. It was simply titled "General Shoe Company." The single-page report outlined the real-world problem a Boston shoe company was facing. The shoe company managers wante …

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Why Sales Leaders in the Transportation Industry Don’t Need More Leads

Chart Showing an Increase in Revenue

A recent study produced by the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) illustrated that 50.5% of sales teams fail to hit 90% of their sales quota. The same study states that sales leaders have a significant interest in aggressive lead generation activities.

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Using Paid Media to Drive Lead Generation

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Lead generation is essential for any company looking to bring in new business. Without a lead generation strategy, it’s very unlikely that any leads making their way through your funnel will fit your ideal persona profile. So, what happens when you have a strategy that isn’t bringing …

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Driving Qualified Leads Using Digital Marketing

Lead Generation Concept

The digital marketing world is dynamic and constantly changing. Disruption is everywhere—technology, customer demands and tactics are never stagnant—and it’s important for your business to stay ahead of the disruption, change with it and grow. One way to do that is by developing a lea …

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You Used Social Media to Increase Website Traffic to Your B2B Website—Now What?

You followed social media best practices to increase site traffic, but your site conversions are still low. What gives? B2B usability design (or B2B UX) may be the issue. As consumers in the B2B space continue to make more purchasing decisions online, B2B companies need to ensure thei …

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