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The Strategic Compass of a Well-Crafted Marketing Strategy

Here's a hot take: a well-crafted marketing strategy is not a luxury – it's a necessity. This holds especially true in B2B industries where the complexities of targeting businesses as customers require a strategic approach that goes beyond consumer-oriented marketing tactics. Whether …

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How to Use the StoryBrand Framework to Grow Your Business

Marketers can't seem to stop talking about the power of storytelling. More than ever, it's becoming a driving force in content marketing strategies that help grow businesses.

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Storytelling + Inbound Marketing, the Likely Pairing That's Just Now Catching On, a Conversation With Gabriela Pereira


Marketers are finally talking about storytelling. A lot, in fact. The frequency of "Why Use Storytelling in Marketing?" blog posts and articles has gone from occasional to ubiquitous over just the past few years. It's no coincidence that I attended three sessions at INBOUND 2019 alone …

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SyncShow Helps Cylinder Manufacturer Revamp Their Digital Presence Through Rebranding and a New Website


Overview B&H Machine, Inc. (B&H) is a third-generation hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturer. Founded in 1951, B&H started its operations as a producer of tooling and fixture designs for the Army, Navy and Air Force, in addition to production machining for the auto …

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Why Brands Need to Stick to Simple Scripts


It's likely a daily occurrence. You visit a website. You immediately become confused. You leave the site and never look back. If you had bothered to stick around for more than a few seconds, you might have found yourself asking: What products and services are being sold? How do I bene …

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5 Benefits of Having a Content Marketing Strategy


Did you know that B2B customers today are more than 70% of the way through the decision-making process before speaking with a salesperson? This is because they are consuming content online and making up their mind about a company simply based on the content on their website. Because o …

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How to Build an Effective Digital Content Marketing Strategy


By now, we’ve all heard the marketing phrase “content is king.” And while it’s still truer than ever, it’s important to keep in mind that all content is not created equal. In fact, simply producing content for the sake of producing content can be detrimental to a marketing team’s perf …

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