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The Top 5 Technology Tools We Love

 Ever wonder how SyncShow employees stay on task to meet all of the deadlines that are important for your business? Here are the top five tools we use to stay productive and on top of it all.

Function Point

SyncShow uses Function Point to track our time and project details. This excellent project-management software also has a mobile-friendly app, which has played a key role in keeping us productive. It allows us to better manage our work schedules, and it lets us add notes and documents directly to tasks, making sharing information between team members even easier.

Screaming Frog

Our SEO team members, Alan and Mike, love using this software to crawl and scan sites. It helps find every page on client sites, create sitemaps and scan all SEO elements (like page titles, descriptions, headings, etc.) to look for errors and areas of improvement.

Google Analytics

This is a tool the majority of our team uses on a daily basis to track and analyze data. We find issues, trends and inconsistencies that help us better target marketing efforts and increase website visitors.

Google Apps

Kristin and I like Google Calendar from our Google Apps for Work bundle. Week to week, it helps us easily block out time so we can really focus on our high-priority items, meeting times and tasks. Kristin is even known to color-code her calendar events based on the client—how’s that for organized?

My favorites are the Docs, Sheets and Slides apps because they allow for amazing collaboration.

I really like the ability to comment on documents and share them with team members. It's great that you can both work on a document simultaneously.


I’ll admit to not knowing much about this software, but our developer, Michael, describes BASH as being “the OS X terminal/command line.” “Why click five to 10 times when you can just tell the computer what to do with simple commands?” asked Michael rhetorically. He continued, “I became a Mac user when Apple decided to chuck the old OS and build the new one, OS X, on top of a real operating system— BSD, which is basically another PC-based Unix operating system similar to Linux— with all the benefits and usability that come with that. The true benefit is I can now accomplish in one line of code what it would take many clicks to do on a PC.”

We all have our own processes for keeping organized and productive. And it’s great to see how others stay on top of tasks in today’s busy world. It’s also great to realize that small tools can make a huge difference in the management of one’s day.

What tools do you use in your day-to-day that you find most useful?


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