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We Manufacture CLE: JBC Technologies

JBC Technologies Provides Die Cutting Solutions to Manufacture Everyday Products Used by Consumers

JBC Technologies
 is the next featured company in the We Manufacture CLE video series. As a great example of an American company utilizing American ingenuity, this company manufactures component parts that make up of everyday products that consumers all over the world use. From the vehicles we all drive to the furnaces in our homes, appliances, light fixtures and electronics, there are numerous opportunities for consumers to encounter products JBC Technologies manufactures.

JBC manufactures parts that are found in products that we all use every day. From cell phones to household products to cars, JBC's die cut parts play an important behind-the-scenes role in some of the most important products in our lives.

Background Information

JBC Technologies has been in business since 1988 and was founded on the principles of quality, responsiveness, outstanding customer service and engineering support. Today, that philosophy continues premised on five core values: Don’t Ever Quit, Status Quo Can Always Be Improved, Be Multi-Faceted, We Care and Always with Integrity.

JBC Technologies is a solutions provider that utilizes die cutting and non-metallic fabrication skills complimented with strong product design knowledge to cost effectively produce simple parts, and American ingenuity to develop processes for difficult parts all made from a wide spectrum of diverse materials. An assorted array of state of the art cutting and ancillary equipment allows vertical integration to control costs, lead time and quality from start to finish.


JBC Technologies is headquartered in the Cleveland suburb of North Ridgeville, Ohio, and employs more than 100 people in the Northeast Ohio area. JBC directly attributes its success to the workforce in greater Cleveland, and is a shining example of a company that has successfully tapped into the resources that Cleveland provides to manufacturers.

"The talent pool in the Cleveland area has been great," JBC Technologies president Joe Bliss said. "We've been really successful because of the people in this area."


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