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6 Reasons Why Manufacturing is Cool

Before I started working for a marketing agency that partners with manufacturers, I knew manufacturing was important, but I didn’t know the many reasons behind that importance. Everything we use has to come from somewhere, but I never took the time to think about the manufacturing process that goes into it.

The Apple computer I’m currently typing this post on was made from a block of aluminum. After undergoing a tedious process, with a number of contract manufacturers, the MacBook Air has more capabilities than imaginable. Now that’s pretty cool!

As I gain more and more knowledge about the manufacturing industry, I’d like to point out six reasons why manufacturing is so cool:

1. Every Product is Manufactured

Think about it. Every product on this earth was manufactured. If it wasn’t made, it doesn’t exist. Whether it be the clothes you wear, the pen you write with, the cell phone you use, or chair you sit in, every product underwent a process with a series of steps to get to its final state.

Furthermore, many of the things we use have been developed by multiple manufacturing companies that produce components of the larger end-product. It’s amazing to see a whole supply chain come together and deliver a complex product. What would we do without manufacturers?

A Few Words from RBB Systems

“Having spent my career producing things – pressure sensitive labels, ceramic tile, and custom electronics – I can say without hesitation that manufacturing gets into your blood. Beyond the inherently fun challenges of satisfying customers in a highly competitive environment, knowing that every day your team provides tangible items that fuel the lives of real people is enormously rewarding. Pointing out to your children things they encounter in the world that you had a hand in producing is a great way to make the connections on how our great economy works. It’s a blast!”

- Bruce Hendrick, President & CEO, RBB Systems


2. The Opportunity for Creation is Endless

Manufacturers come together to create product lines that start with raw materials and are developed into finished products. As innovators, engineers and creators, we will never run out of new ideas.

Thoughts from Aexcel Corporation

“We always hear about the genius minds of product innovators. We need to hear more about the equally important and very innovative process that goes into making the things these innovators dream up. There’s plenty of innovation within the innovation. We are all connected to the factories that produce the valuable necessities of our lives. How many degrees of separation are you from that object you use? We have pride when a useful thing is made in a factory in our own city, maybe even by people we know. Or even if it’s just a small part of that useful thing that’s made here: ‘I know the guy who makes the bolts that hold on the wheels of that truck...'"

-John Milgram, President, Aexcel Corporation

Rustbelt Reclamation

Photo credit: Rustbelt Reclamation

3. It’s the Lifeblood of our Economy

Manufacturing makes up 9% of the workforce by bringing about 12.33 million workers to the United States. Manufacturing has a dense focus in the Great Lakes region, with about 663,000 jobs in the state of Ohio. Manufacturing impacts our communities, our cities, our states, our country and our world. Check out the impact of manufacturing on Northeast Ohio here:



Comments from SyncShow

“Manufacturing is cool because it’s the lifeblood of our economy. Everything we use has been manufactured and many of the things we use have been developed by multiple manufacturing companies that produce components of the larger end-product. It's cool to see a whole supply chain come together and deliver a complex product.

Many manufacturers are specialists in a specific aspect of product design. Whether its a strap that holds a gas tank on a truck ( or a die cut gasket on one of your appliances (, each individual piece can be custom built for a specific job.”

-Chris Peer, CEO & President, SyncShow

4. It Evolves with Technology

As technology has advanced, the capabilities for manufacturers have skyrocketed. For example, 3D printing helps a number of companies today, especially those in the healthcare industry. When I learned that body parts are now being 3D printed for surgeries, I was amazed.

Some of the greatest feats in our world have been designed by engineers and are manufactured. It's amazing to see highly complex products being engineered to achieve what was once thought to be impossible.

3D Printing

5. Manufacturing Opens the Eyes of Young Children

More programs are being developed around manufacturing for students. From kids attending field trips to high school students going into manufacturing specific programs, the industry brings opportunities for starting a manufacturing career.

kids learning

6. The Industry Opens Doors for Students

Colleges and universities are now designing more manufacturing specific programs than ever. Did you know that Alcoa Foundation recently donated $75,000 to Cuyahoga Community College? The goal is to train the industry's future workforce to be more knowledgeable about "smart manufacturing methods."

Words from WIRE-Net

“Many manufacturers in Northeast Ohio realize that a majority of their workforce is quickly approaching retirement. Because of that fact, companies are committed to helping young people explore careers in manufacturing through field experiences, job shadows and internships. Recent high school graduates are able to enter into employment or apprenticeships where they get to work on welding cargo ships, creating diamond-tipped tools, or assembling some of the highest quality consumer products out there – all while earning a very livable wage and (in many cases) getting their higher education paid for.”

-Brianna L. Schultz, Director of Youth Programs, WIRE-Net

manufacturing programs

Professionals in the manufacturing industry know why it’s so cool, but let’s get out there and share the excitement with the world! Manufacturing is making a comeback.

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Why else is manufacturing so cool? Share more reasons with us in the comments below!

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