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We Manufacture CLE: Anderson International

Anderson International's First Manufacturing Plant Was Built on West 96th Street of Downtown Cleveland 

The next featured manufacturing company in the We Manufacture CLE series is one that manufactures in Northeast Ohio and exports across the globe. Located in Stow, Ohio, Anderson International manufactures capital equipment that produces items like rubber, polymer, pet food and vegetable oil. So if you own a car, have a pet, or use cooking oils, chances are that Anderson International made it happen! Major end users of this manufacturer's capital equipment that you may recognize include Firestone, Exxon Mobil, Goodyear, and Lanxess.

Background Information 

Mr. Valerius D. Anderson founded the V. D. Anderson Company in 1888. His success began during the Industrial Revolution, when he invented a revolutionary new way to obtain oil and fats. In 1893, encouraged by his prospering business, Mr. Anderson built a small manufacturing plant on West 96th street near Madison Avenue, so Cleveland has been home to this company for quite a while now. 


Anderson International was the first manufacturing plant built west of downtown Cleveland! Now, 127 years have passed and this company is still headquartered in Northeast Ohio. Anderson International has earned worldwide recognition because of their numerous achievements and longevity. 

Manufacturing on the rise

Anderson International has manufactured and sells processing equipment to multiple industries in over 90 countries. They have recently experienced tremendous growth trends, nearly doubling the size of the manufacturing facility and number of employees in just the past 4 years.

"We produce quality products, made in America and exported worldwide!"

The video below showcases Anderson International's unique story and talks about the many contributions made to the Cleveland area.


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