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Nikki Tofalo

Nikki Tofalo
Nikki is an Account Specialist at SyncShow. In this role, she helps clients and the SyncShow team achieve their respective goals. Nikki currently lives in Downtown Cleveland, where she enjoys going to Indians games, running, and watching all of the new development take place.
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5 Simple Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement on Facebook

Posted by Nikki Tofalo on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 @ 08:24

In my previous post, I broke down the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm – the formula Facebook uses to determine what populates your News Feed. To quickly recap, EdgeRank takes three factors into consideration: affinity score, edge weight, and time decay. Affinity score assesses how connected you are with others, edge weight measures how engaging your content is, and time decay determines the relevance of your post in terms of time.

For businesses, these factors tell you that you need to connect with your followers, post engaging content, and post frequently. It takes effort to make sure you are covering all of your EdgeRank bases. Here are five simple tips that will hopefully help make these tasks a little less overwhelming.

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(PDF) Back to Basics: Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm for SEO

Posted by Nikki Tofalo on Mon, May 20, 2013 @ 01:30

Facebook is a relatively simple social media platform for personal and business use. Since most people have a personal profile, they know how to create a post, check their News Feed, or comment on a picture; however, this is not enough for effective business use.

Facebook business page basics take what you know and do on your own personal page a step further. Every post and comment you make is an effort to engage with current and potential customers. What’s the best way to ensure you are capitalizing on the business potential of Facebook? Understanding the Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm provides a great solution.

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