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Inbound Marketing: Short-term vs Long-term Success

Posted by Scott Sullivan on Thu, Jan 23, 2014 @ 10:50

It's easy to see how inbound marketing tools like social media marketing and search engine optimization are valuable for B2C businesses, since most consumers turn to those avenues when researching companies. B2B marketers, especially in detail-oriented industries like manufacturing, sometimes have more trouble seeing that value at first glance. Many assume that in B2B marketing, when you are targeting well-educated, experienced business-people, the prospects you seek won't be using Google or Facebook. The reality is that those well-educated, experienced prospects are just as likely to use a search engine or social media as anyone else.

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5 Signs That You Need to Update your eCommerce Site

Posted by Scott Sullivan on Thu, Jan 16, 2014 @ 12:25

Why do you have an eCommerce site? This is the question that thousands of manufacturers need to be asking themselves as they review their strategy for 2014. If you do not have a good answer for this question then it is time for a change.

If you are selling in a B2B manufacturing environment and you have an eCommerce component to your site, chances are it is out of date. Your development company, who you no longer use, told you that you needed it years ago and convinced you that it was going to make a huge impact on your sales. Ideas of revenue growth without the overhead of a sales person and extending your reach to new prospects got you excited and you okayed the eCommerce platform. 

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