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ScoreFeeder Gets Embedded App and User-Focused Improvements, the web application for high school sport scores and stats originally developed by SyncShow Interactive for ScoreFeeder, LLC. (the creation of Founder, Dave Petno, of Hudson, Ohio), is expanding with it’s newly launched Syndication System. The system allows third party sites to embed a ScoreFeeder app displaying custom data feeds within their own websites. The data can be filtered by sport or by school, and is organized chronologically, serving up the latest scores to users. Check out a sample app:

To interact with the app, visit:

"SyncShow Interactive did a great job building the Syndication module. Now web sites and media organizations can embed ScoreFeeder, and get real-time game results", said ScoreFeeder Founder, Dave Petno.

In addition to the Syndication System, ScoreFeeder has rolled out a new and improved ‘Fans’ section of the site including the subscription area and the score browsing. The ‘Subscribe’ area now offers users better filters to select their favorite teams and have scores delivered to their inbox. The ‘Browse Scores’ area got the biggest overhaul with an entirely new interface. Fans can now quickly and easily navigate to browse the scores they’re most interested in seeing the freshest stats ScoreFeeder has to offer!

SyncShow worked with the ScoreFeeder team over the past 6 months to fine tune all of these improvements and make them a reality. From functional specs and wireframes to a fully functional app and a robust database system driving it - this is a huge accomplishment for both teams!

"ScoreFeeder is now basically on version 2.0...these improvements greatly improve the user experience,” said Petno.

ScoreFeeder is expanding quickly. Make sure to check it out for your local high school’s scores and stats - and stay tuned as we add more to this already robust tool!

To learn more about the capabilities of SyncShow’s web application development team or creating an embedded app for your business, drop us a line!

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