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Social SEO: The Launch of Facebook's Social Graph

Last week Facebook launched it's first major update since it's public IPO giving select beta users. The Facebook Social Graph. So, what exactly is Social Graphing how will consumers and businesses alike benefit from the new tool?

To begin, Social Graphing will catalog all photographs, 'likes', and people on the social network. Zuckerberg has estimated that this process will take a few years due to the sheer volume of content on the network. Some may ask why the roll out is necessary and it seems that Zuckerberg wants Facebook's search tool to be just as important as the news feed we all gravitate towards daily. Facebook's current search tool is highly lacking as is and Social Graphing could be just want the tool needs to truly take off.

What Does Social Graphing Mean For Consumer Profiles?

  • You should tighten your privacy settings if the idea of being indexed for anything you've shared on the social site scares you.
  • Facebook has already taken steps to help product profile users who are looking to avoid the search tool- by including an easy to use privacy tab in the top right of your account.
  • This roll out will probably make it trickier for job hunters to keep their Facebook information under wraps.
  • Facebook is moving in the direction of online dating. During the unveiling of Social Graphing a Facebook employee searched "friends of my friends who are single and living in San Francisco." Adding another interesting layer to the dynamic of the site.
  • The good news? There is nothing people hold to a higher regard than a recommendation of a friend. Using the Social Graphing tool you'll be able to find new music, new restaurants, and new vacation spots all nicely curated by your set of 'friends' and others.

What Does Social Graphing Mean For Business Fan Pages?

  • Facebook has recently partnered with Microsoft's Bing for the algorithm behind Social Graphing. Including a 3rd party Search Engine in the creation of this tool could be big things for outside search as well. The one take away here? If you don't have a Facebook business page or you aren't active on it, now is the time to jump in on the action. You never know, this could end up impacting your SEO's bottom line.
  • Is your business a destination? Are you a clothing store, coffee shop, or restaurant? If so, great news for The Social Graph, your page could end up getting more traffic and your physical place of business could uptick as well from recommendations c/o friends and fans.
  • We're living in a mobile world where scrolling through the Facebook app is  more popular and often visited than a mobile Google search, your Facebook fan page could end up with more visits then your website- so don't forget to update it with your most recent information, sales, and special offers.

Are you looking forward to the Social Graph or do you think it's just another layer to the evolution of Big Brother?

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