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Vine: The Latest Social Media Craze for Bloggers

Vine: The Latest Social Media Craze for Bloggers

Social Media trends come and go with all sorts of reception from the public- good, bad, or ugly. One application that seems to be sticking (with the blogger community anyway) is the Vine App.

In simple terms, Vine, currently only available for the iPhone, is a 6 second video creation tool. The company was purchased last year by Twitter for an undisclosed sum and they are currently in the works to release an Android app. Users can pause/play on a scene they are looking to capture to make one quick continuous video or can create a .gif like feature that incorporates more photos and repositioning within the scene.

Vine can connect directly with your Facebook and Twitter and works much like Instagram- but for moving pictures! So you post and share to your community on Vine- then can share on Facebook or Twitter for a greater reach.

We decided to create our first in-office Vine piece by using a lovely Valentine's Day card equipped with an Eiffel Tower cut-out from Design firm Chartreuse Inc. You can see it on our Twitter page or by viewing it here:

So, you may be asking 'How can I use Vine for myself and my business?' Below are some quick tips for getting started on the app:

1. Download Vine from the app store (it's free!)

2. Create a user name- this should match the user name on your other social media accounts to keep your branding consistent. (We also like to match our photo for all accounts so we're easily recognized)

3. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This helps twofold: you can then post your Vine creations to these social sites, but you can also find out which of your friends/fans/followers are also on Vine so you can then follow them.

4. Create your first video! Vine is super user friendly but the app will also walk you through how to use the program.

5. Post and share- don't forget to tag your friends and include hashtags when appropriate!
Are you needing some 6 second video inspiration? Below are two personal favorites of mine who are sharing their Vine posts via Twitter:



Last but not least, if you're looking for Vine videos on steroids, check out VinePeek a constant loop of new videos as they're uploaded in real time. A quick warning- the content isn't moderated.. so you never know what might pop up.

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