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Manufacturing Firms Need to Fuse Digital & Traditional Marketing

The word integration is frequently used in the industrial world. However, integration regarding digital and traditional marketing strategies is often overlooked. A common worry voiced by those in the industrial space references how “adopting a digital marketing strategy will require too much time and money, so it’s best to stick to traditional marketing.” This holds true even if the company’s traditional efforts are underperforming. While implementing a successful digital marketing campaign does take some finessing, it is fairly easy to start shifting gears toward digital. Outlined below are several ways in which industrial organizations can begin integrating traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Bolster Trade Show Success Through Social Media

Trade shows will likely always be a large segment of marketing strategies for manufacturers. The personal relationships fostered during these events are still coveted by manufacturers and prospects alike and should not be overlooked. In the digital age however, attendees have access to show information well in advance and take time to do proper research before attending in order to maximize their experience. So how can your manufacturing firm stand out and ensure that prospects find you during the show? Engage on social media platforms.

Attendees will research a company’s websites and social media platforms once given a list of event vendors/presenters. Not only should your company have social media properties, but you should be using them to show prospects your expert knowledge. Utilizing the trade show’s hashtag is a great way to connect with attendees prior to the show. Promote your booth / events on social media and encourage prospects to stop by. After the show, connect with the individuals who have given you business cards on LinkedIn and follow up if there is a need. Event recaps posted on your website can also assist with lead capture efforts.

Turn Direct Mail into Personalized Email Correspondences

It is no secret that direct mail is a dying breed in the marketing world. Yes, in some instances your manufacturing company will want to send hard copies of promotional material to a prospect, but those occasions are becoming few and far between. Direct mail on it’s own provides virtually no ability to capture important data metrics that are essential for proving effectiveness and value of a campaign. If you can’t do away with direct mail, try adding a campaign-unique URL that will drive recipients to a landing page on your website.

Personalized email campaigns are the digital equivalent of direct mail and provide manufacturing with numerous data points that can be used to justify, or end, a campaign. By tracking metrics such as click-through and open rates, you’ll be able to monitor your prospects’ behaviors and pivot messaging / send times accordingly. Prospects will feel as though they are receiving special attention from you, even if you are using a marketing automation platform to send emails on your behalf.

Convert Print Material into Digital Lead Capture Opportunities

Chances are your manufacturing firm has already created a wide variety of print media. These pieces of collateral (i.e. books, whitepapers, case studies, etc.) are great takeaways after in-person meetings and events, but do not offer much in the way of lead generation. An easy fix? Convert these pieces of content into web-appropriate collateral and upload them to your website through gated landing pages. Visitors to your website will be required to give some degree of personal information in order to gain access to the whitepaper or ebook they desire. From there, you can reach out depending on what stage of the buyer’s journey the lead is in to discuss next steps. Much like your email marketing campaigns, you will now be able to gauge the success of your web collateral through a wide variety of metrics.

Slowly but surely digital marketing strategies are being implemented in manufacturing companies across the globe. Although the rate of adoption is slower than that of other industries, companies that integrate traditional and digital marketing strategies will be able to get ahead of their competition.

Has your manufacturing firm started implementing digital marketing strategies? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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