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Results-Based Marketing for Manufacturers

5 Most Important Things Manufacturing Suppliers can do for Getting Started with Results-Based Marketing

Are you seeing a return on investment from your marketing?

You should be.

Does your website drive leads?

It should be.

Having worked with manufacturing companies to improve visibility and sales for the past 15 years, I wrote “The Ultimate Guide to ROI-Based Marketing & Sales Alignment for Manufacturers” to help get you started on the right path to growing sales revenue.

Manufacturing Marketing

Marketing is critical for manufacturing companies and today it is more important than ever before. Purchasing agents and engineers have changed the way they research and make buying decisions. Marketing communications is not only paramount to garnering more customers but keeping existing customers.

Today we can tie marketing to a return on your investment. In this guide we are going to look at the top five tips for aligning your sales and marketing to improve business revenue. Whether you are a business-to- business or business-to-consumer entity these tips will provide a path for improving your sales while lowering your cost per sale.

As you will see illustrated in the “Guide”, marketing should be more than just branding and design. Marketing for manufacturers should be considered a component of your sales team. Whether you call it “pre-sales”, “lead generation” or  “customer communications” it does not matter. What does matter is that marketing must be a function of sales. Your marketing team and your sales team should have common sales goals and have a clear understanding of who the prospect buyer is. Your marketers and salespeople should be talking daily!

Today's Buying World

Today OEM buyers turn to the internet to make buying decisions and conduct research. If your company does not show up in search results you are essentially invisible to the buyer. No longer can your personal network and customer base be the referral source for business growth. You must have a digital presence if you intend to grow your business. Furthermore, your prospective buyers don’t all consume content the same way. Some people prefer reading, others prefer video and others prefer graphics or bullet points. To complicate this further, your buyers prefer the channel or delivery method for research differently too. An engineer may prefer conducting research on LinkedIn whereas a purchasing agent may click on a paid advertisement on Google.

Marketing is no longer “arts and crafts”. Marketing is far more sophisticated than it used to be. Software and execution strategies, when aligned with your salesforce can be empowering and drive new business revenue while improving customer communications. Marketing has changed. Sales has changed. Your buyers have changed the way they buy. Are you ready to adapt? Check out The Ultimate Guide to ROI-Based Marketing & Sales Alignment for Manufacturers to help get you started on the right path to growing sales revenue today. 


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