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Rustbelt Reclamation Manufactures Reclaimed Furniture in Cleveland 

The first featured manufacturing company in the We Manufacture CLE series is one that is reinventing Cleveland one table at a time. Located in one of the oldest factory buildings in Cleveland, Rustbelt Reclamation manufactures furniture and accessories from locally salvaged wood. They do a number of restaurant and commercial installations Clevelanders silently appreciate every day.

Furniture and installations inside Great Lakes Brewing Company and The Corner Bar at Progressive Field are just two examples of the superior craftsmanship created right here in Northeast Ohio. Next time you visit either of these places, look for the Rustbelt Reclamation disk etched into the table that will tell you the history behind the wood used to create the place you're enjoying your meal, company and life in CLE.

Something unique about Rustbelt is that the staff members are mostly native to the area. Rustbelt staff went to schools like the Cleveland Institute of Art, Kent, and Cleveland State. They chose to stay because of the significance of what they are building right here in Cleveland every day.

The video below showcases their unique story and talks about the many contributions made to the Cleveland area.


Did you know?

Every product Rustbelt Reclamation makes is marked with the location from which its wood was salvaged? Learn more in the video below: 


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