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Premalux is a featured company for We Manufacture CLE for the month of December! We are excited to share some insight into this manufacturing company because of it's revolutionary chemicals and innovative high-performance aqueous solutions. As we went on a tour through this manufacturer we saw passion and professionalism. They are proud to be manufacturing in Northeast Ohio, watch the video below to see why. They also manufacture Surge Industrial as one of their flagship products. Surge Industrial is a heavy duty degreaser.


Accublends is a subsidiary of Premalux and they offer the most precise, toll blending facility in the country. Their compounding area is controlled by Rockwell Automations’ Advanced Batching Software, which guarantees every finished product is as the formulator intended it. They are excited to be with a .005% margin of error. AccuBlends enables your company to have all the benefits of toll blending without the expense of purchasing the equipment yourself.

8 Steps Manufacturers Must Take to Make Their Marketing Inbound

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