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5 Lead-Generating Marketing Solutions Every Manufacturer Needs

Marketing budgets are always a sensitive topic—particularly for manufacturers who depend on a pipeline of projects that can ebb and flow throughout the seasons. During revenue downturns, it seems as though marketing is always the first budget to be cut when in reality it should be the last, especially when you want to continue pipeline growth.

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Topics: Manufacturing Lead Generation

Don't Think You Need Social Media for Your Manufacturing Business? Think Again.

Today, all you hear about is the importance of maintaining a strong presence on social media to promote your brand. You might be thinking to yourself, “Our business has never generated leads this way so why would using a social media platform work for us now?” Before we explore why having a presence on social media sites is necessary for your company’s success, we must first examine why using social media for business is a misunderstood marketing strategy in the first place.

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Topics: Social Media

We Manufacture CLE: Premalux LLC

Premalux is a featured company for We Manufacture CLE for the month of December! We are excited to share some insight into this manufacturing company because of it's revolutionary chemicals and innovative high-performance aqueous solutions. As we went on a tour through this manufacturer we saw passion and professionalism. They are proud to be manufacturing in Northeast Ohio, watch the video below to see why. They also manufacture Surge Industrial as one of their flagship products. Surge Industrial is a heavy duty degreaser.

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8 Ways Manufacturers Use Social Media to Increase ROI

Many people don’t realize that manufacturing affects everyone, every single day. And to make things even better, manufacturing companies reach those affected people every day through social media. Creating conversations, delivering knowledge, and allowing people to find their company’s product in new, easy ways. Here are 8 ways that manufacturers use social media:

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Topics: Manufacturing Social Media

How to Find Your Dream Social Media Marketing Internship

What should you (or your child) really be doing (and not doing) to make the most of a social media marketing internship?

All the hype these days in the “grown up” world is about internships; getting experience within your desired field in order to give yourself a leg up against the competition when applying for jobs in the future. Whether it is discovering if a certain career path is really what you want or finding the type of office environment that is best for you, internships will give you a taste of the real world. As technology continues to advance, the opportunities and careers within the digital field will only continue to grow as a result. As we venture away from being casual social media consumers, it’s important to know some dos and don’ts of being a professional social media marketer.

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Why The Customer Is Always Right

When I worked at McDonald’s, I was told that the “customer is always right.” When attempting to reach a large base of consumers, this phrase is crucial in everything you do for your manufacturing company. Since a marketer attempts to reach and penetrate this base of consumers, it is essential to know the connection between yourself and the consumer as well as know what these specific consumers are looking for.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

Hiring the Perfect Salesman (He (or She) Does Exist)

Imagine your recruiter calling to advise you that he (or she) has found the “perfect salesman” for your team. This candidate has prospects around the globe, rarely sleeps, and is continuously delivering your value proposition exactly as intended. This sales rep doesn’t require vacation days, travel expenses, and/or a hefty budget for entertaining clients. Furthermore, he (or she) promises to deliver sales reports real-time, while providing full transparency for all activities conducted. Is it possible that this salesperson does exist?

He does, because this perfect salesman is already on your team!

Just like your other top performing sales people, your company website is a living, breathing organism that can adapt and expand with the evolving sales environment. Most companies interact with their sales teams on a weekly or monthly basis. Your website requires the same type of attention. Having a website that resembles an online brochure for your company is the same as asking one of your salespeople to drop-off a catalog at a Fortune 500 company with the expectation of a $1M purchase order in return. All of the possibilities outlined in the beginning of this article for the perfect salesman are at your disposal. The following represent ways in which to activate your 24/7 salesman:

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