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Boosting Your HubSpot ROI: How Team Training Drives Success

It's stating the obvious to say that business leaders must understand that success depends on whether digital marketing strategies drive sales. Digital marketing leverages online channels and tactics to find and engage with potential customers, ultimately leading them through the sales funnel. Without it, most businesses cannot increase their revenue or growth.

Measuring and driving digital marketing performance depends on using the right tools and technologies. We recommend HubSpot. As a five-star HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, we are uniquely qualified to tell you how HubSpot can be a game-changer for your business. With proper onboarding and training, this powerful tool will exponentially improve your sales and marketing productivity. 

Introducing HubSpot

HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of inbound marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software tools and services. The tools support every aspect of your company's digital sales, marketing, and customer relationship management efforts. Here are some critical components within HubSpot:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Marketing Hub

    • Marketing Automation.

    • Content Management System (CMS)

    • SEO and Content Strategy

    • Social Media Management

    • Marketing Analytics

  • Sales Hub

    • Sales Automation

    • Email Tracking and Sequences

    • Pipeline Management

    • Sales Analytics:

  • Service Hub

    • Customer Service Tools

    • Customer Feedback and Surveys

    • Customer Analytics

HubSpot's tools work together cohesively, allowing your team to build, manage, and scale your inbound marketing, sales, and customer service efforts from a single platform. However, HubSpot's robust and varied software suite can be overwhelming. Ensuring your team is well-trained on the platform to receive the strongest ROI is essential. 

HubSpot Training and Automation

Through its HubSpot Academy, HubSpot provides extensive training resources, including courses, certifications, and educational content. These resources help users enhance their skills and knowledge in digital marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. 

There are also tools and templates within HubSpot that users can use to streamline and automate their workflows. Some of our favorite HubSpot automation recommendations are:

  1. Email templates

  2. Customize a deal pipeline

  3. Create sales sequences

  4. Connect your inbox to sales emails

  5. Create reporting/dashboards

By effectively leveraging HubSpot's resources and templates, your team will save time, maintain brand consistency, and create professional marketing, sales, and customer service assets that drive results.

When Opportunity Becomes Overwhelming 

There are many ways to customize HubSpot's software that will affect reporting and functionality, not to mention results. As robust as HubSpot's training and templates are, it does not offer the hands-on training needed to dig into customization opportunities within the software to set it up in the most optimal way for your company. You may need an expert partner to get the best ROI from HubSpot.

That's where SyncShow shines. We offer HubSpot audits and onboarding that will help you uncover the best pathway forward and set every team member on that path toward success. Setting up HubSpot in alignment with the sales and marketing team is critical. Teams may struggle with HubSpot (or any tool) when their processes don’t align with how the software works. Our experts can help your teams come together and align their processes with HubSpot instead of the other way around, which can lead to disconnected workflows and confusion between teams. 

Start with an Audit

If you're already using HubSpot, we recommend starting with an audit. This is a critical step. HubSpot's 2022 Impact Report says auditing your HubSpot account and implementing best practices can increase your marketing and sales efficiency by up to 30%.

During the audit, we will: 

  • Evaluate the HubSpot tools you are using, identify gaps in usage, and find opportunities for improvement.

  • Identify your customer sources to understand marketing effectiveness across different channels.

  • Improve your marketing and sales efficiency through optimized use of HubSpot tools, streamlined processes, and enhanced collaboration.

  • Expand your HubSpot's reporting and analytics capabilities to make data-driven decisions on marketing and sales initiatives.

  • Enhance your contact visibility from source to customer, which helps your team measure progress toward lead generation, conversion rates, and revenue growth.

The audit is an interactive discussion with your team so our experts understand your company's unique objectives and challenges. This will aid in formulating an optimization action plan that either your team or SyncShow can implement. We present your action plan in a spreadsheet format that prioritizes the most urgent action items and outlines the exact tactics to address each recommendation. The audit will also provide resources and best practices to enhance your team’s understanding of the rationale behind each recommendation. 

Here's a real-life example. One of our clients, a logistics provider, was using all custom HubSpot properties but was not using the native lifecycle stages. Because of this, they could not connect a lead to a closed customer or track the source. They were making their sales attribution process overly complicated. Instead, the audit team suggested the client go back to basics by optimizing default properties and workflows, mapping content to the buyer journey, refining lead scoring criteria, and standardizing campaign asset attribution reporting. We knew these efforts would increase the client's efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

Ultimately, our audit process aims to maximize Hubspot's potential for your organization, enhancing efficiency and driving business growth. Once that step is complete, we suggest our clients ensure that every user fully understands how to leverage HubSpot's capabilities.

Onboarding and Training

A tool like HubSpot is most valuable when used to its utmost capabilities. That's why it is extremely important that leaders provide comprehensive onboarding and training for all users. HubSpot tells their clients that 76% of users report increased efficiency, and 66% report better sales and marketing team alignment after training. If you invest in HubSpot, you must train your team to use it properly. Your ROI will depend on it.

SyncShow offers several onboarding/training tracks for HubSpot clients. The basic track is a four-hour onsite hands-on training built specifically for your company with an expert from our team. We will start with the basics of account management and move forward from there. Other items we will cover in this training include:

  • Education and integration of HubSpot's specific terminology into your current marketing and sales processes.

  • Custom sales pipeline and property creation onsite to meet your team's needs.

  • Ensuring all team members understand how to use the system, including records and sales pipelines.

  • Review of team certifications.

We also offer a two-hour virtual advanced training and check-in with a HubSpot expert that will include:

  • Custom property management

  • Advanced client communication automation

  • Reporting, quoting, and forecasting

Our team can also provide training that meets your team wherever they are in HubSpot’s vast array of capabilities, now and in the future. We can set up training for: 

  • Account customizations

  • Salesforce data integration and property confirmation

  • Custom property creation

  • Custom reporting

  • Custom workflow automation

Many clients report that our hands-on, personalized approach provides accountability and allows for user interaction, making it more effective than some of the self-directed learning tools offered by HubSpot.

Keep in mind that training is an ongoing process. Our expert will schedule monthly meetings with your sales and marketing teams to spot-check, perform quality assurance, and modify HubSpot to meet ongoing needs. As your business grows and your needs change, we can ensure your team optimizes your use of HubSpot.

No matter which training track your company takes, it will be worth the time and effort. You’ll see it in the elevated results of every sales and marketing campaign and tactic. 

Wrapping it Up

A tool like HubSpot can be a critical driver of digital marketing and sales success. Research studies have reported that HubSpot users see a 34% increase in revenue by using the marketing automation features. The sales automation tools have increased the sales revenue of some users by 37% within the first year. Companies that consistently use HubSpot daily see an average of 4.1 times more leads generated per month than those that do not.

Investing in training your teams on how to use HubSpot effectively will lead to higher ROI. HubSpot provides many user-driven training resources, which is an excellent first step. However, if your company is taking advantage of HubSpot's vast customization opportunities, a more hands-on approach to training is most likely necessary. SyncShow can help your team receive the training they need to launch and manage successful customized marketing campaigns and improve your internal sales processes through HubSpot, all while driving performance and enhancing your bottom line.

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