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How to Create A Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the most important aspects of lead generation, however most companies don’t use them to their full potential -- or at all. It’s common to give more attention to the company website. A landing page is critical for your website because it allows for a targeted platform for converting a higher percentage of traffic into leads. Never use your homepage as a landing page, there is too much messaging, which visitors get lost in. A dedicated landing page will convert visitors at a much higher rate. According to “a quarter of all accounts are converting at less than 1%. Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.”Screen_Shot_2015-08-13_at_2.08.22_PM

Develop Compelling Content (Be Compelling)

Before you can create an awesome landing page you need content that speaks to your personas and aligns with their stage in the buyer’s journey. Your landing page should have all of these elements:

  • A headline (and optional sub-headline)

  • A brief Description of what is being offered

  • At least one supporting Image or short video

  • Most importantly, a form on the landing page itself to capture visitor information

Here are some example ideas:

  • Infographics from leading industry statistics

  • Change an existing sales presentation into a short, readable PDF

  • Create a case study from successful client stories

  • Create a process checklist or cheatsheet that will help visitors pull information needed for a new project

  • Create industry best practices

Draft Your Landing Page Content

Focus on your value proposition it’s another very important aspect of your landing page let alone of your company. Your value proposition differentiates you apart from your competitors and allows you to stand out. What is your value Proposition? Make it clear, simple, and to the point.

HubSpot spells out the 9 Must-Haves for the Perfect Landing Page. “Don’t create a landing page to download a fact sheet (never put these behind a form). Do create a landing page for a valuable whitepaper. Don’t use a landing page for “Contact Us,” but do use one for a valuable guide, free trial, demonstration, or evaluation. Offering something of value will enable you to generate more leads so you can nurture them over time until they are 'ready' to buy.’”


Create Your Call-to-Action

Watch the path naming, meaning: Match content to a visitor’s previous source. If a visitor clicks on a CTA, they will arrive on a landing page. The title of this page should be consistent with the offer page the user is brought to. Then, the offer is downloaded and this thank you page should have the same title as well.


Create Your Form

keep the objective simple and clear. know what information you want to grab from the visitor and only ask for what you need. If you ask for too much information the form will scare away potential conversions.

CTAs should follow a 2-second rule. A visitor should be able to comprehend the action you want them to take within a quick glance.

Create a landing page for every campaign or offer, the more landing pages you have the more opportunities you get to convert visitors into leads.

Do you have thoughts or ideas about how to create the perfect landing page? Please share them with us in the comments below! 

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