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manufacturing marketingA Smart Business Magazine Article on Lead Generation Insights

I was recently published in Smart Business Magazine and would like to share the key highlights from the article with you.

Chris Peer"As manufacturers continue to compete on quality, pricing, timing, and customer service, they must differentiate their value proposition during the buyer's buying process."

Read the article to learn more about:

  • What does it mean to professionalize sales and marketing and why should it matter to manufacturers?
  • How can manufacturers improve their success in sales and marketing?
  • How does a company get started?

SyncShow's marketing game plan and process has seen continual success for driving manufacturing growth through online sales. Contact us to learn more or read the article here:


Chris Peer

Written by Chris Peer

Chris Peer is the Owner and President of SyncShow and has 20 years of experience in online marketing strategy, eCommerce and corporate branding. Chris is an outdoor enthusiast, regularly hiking, camping, and scuba diving.

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